Phase 1 of the HCG Diet: An Overview

Relevance of “Loading” in Phase 1

Phase 1 of the HCG Diet i.e. the loading phase starts with a two-day regime where foods loaded with calories are devoured to fulfilment. The idea behind this exercise to increase the amount of fat stored inside the body. This phase prepares you for Phase 2 of the HCG diet phase i.e. the 500 calories per day phase. HCG is consumed during the days of loading and sustained throughout Phase 2. In these couple of days, the HCG increases inside your body till it reaches the saturation point and can efficiently issue the stored fat to be used while you’re on the less-calorie diet. The loading phase is tremendously significant, and the one that leads to initial and histrionic weight loss in the initial week itself.

The HCG Diet- Why Load?

Phase 1 of the HCG diet is tremendously vital as it frees the culminated fat for utilization by the body. This contents the food obsessions, cravings and sudden hunger pangs during the changeover period as you begin the 500 calories per day phase (Phase 2.) People who fail to adhere to the two-day Phase 1 i.e. the loading phase wholeheartedly, have a tendency of facing sudden cravings and harsh challenges on the initial days of Phase 2. In their case, the weight loss rate is also comparatively slower in Phase 2.

Loading on the HCG Diet – How Is It Done?

It is important to understand how the loading works in Phase 1 of the HCG Diet.

To begin with, pick a well-planned day to start the regime. For women, please ensure that the day does not fall anywhere near the date of your menstrual cycle. Start consuming HCG on the first day of Phase 1 of the Loading period. It is imperative to select the food carefully. Any and every fat rich food should not be consumed. Pick foods that you crave frequently, so that you get over them and evade the temptations in Phase 2. Also, go with foods which are loaded with fat calories. The gains during the Loading phase can be minimalized by focussing on good fats but keeping the diet typically low carb. During the loading phase, the average gain is around 1to 3 pounds. This usually decreases after the first day when you consume less calories.

Can the loading days be extended to 3 in place of 2?

Yes, for sure. Even though a two-day loading time has proved to be fruitful, some experts do prefer to allow loading for three-days. For instance, Dr. Simeons suggested a week-long loading period in the Original Guide of the HCG Diet, only for individuals who have been on a low-fat diet for a longer duration. Almost all HCG Diet professionals now endorse the two-day or three-day loading phase. However, a couple of days is adequate in most of the cases. If you feel that you’ve not given your best shot in any of the 2-days, you can opt for the third day. In that case, do not forget to consume HCG on all the three days.

Loading Phase Foods – Useful Tips and Suggestions

Loading gains can often be controlled by focussing on health savvy fats but mostly remaining on a low carbohydrate diet. It will generally fall after the very first low on calories day. The loading time is a period to emphasize on fat rich and calorie intense foods. It is not the period where you should go all-out on carbohydrates, although they are required. Just concentrate on consuming healthy and wonderful omega fats. Here’s a list of the food items that you can consume during the Loading Phase of the HCG Diet:
• Bacon
• Sausage
• Eggs
• Cheeseburgers
• Milkshakes
• Avocado (guacamole and yum)
• Baked potato with extra butter
• Chicken thighs
• Cashew
• Cheesecake
• Ice-cream.
• Extra butter
• Steak
• Peanut butter
• Salmon
• Cheese

If I shed some pounds during the loading, what will happen?

If you lose weight while loading, it is fine to insert a third day to the plan and concentrate on fat loaded foods as mentioned above. However, it abnormal to lose weight during the loading phase. If you still find yourself shedding few extra pounds, don’t worry, just continue with Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.

If the Loading Phase plan is executed properly, it is generally always sure-fire that you’ll gain the extra pounds.

Gaining how many pounds is normal while on the Loading period?

There are no fixed numbers! In fact, you must not even pay too much heed to that. Whatever weight is gained in the duration of this phase will be lost in the later phases of the diet plan.

The average gain during the loading phase is about 1 to 3 pounds.

How rapidly will I lose weight during Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

Everyone’s body is different. No two people can get the same results. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb, most dieters shed around a good 8 – 13 pounds during the initial week and very frequently, more. A major chunk of this dip in the weight is the loss of water from the body, but some of it is also the actual fat that is melting. The same can be checked using an appropriate fat scale. You can purchase these scales from your local market or on online shopping like Amazon by searching for the term body fat measuring scales.

Loading Phase of the HCG Diet- a detailed review

If you are thinking about how to accurately load during Phase 1 of the HCG diet, remember that you must have whatever you love, but concentrate more on healthy fats as compared to sugars, proteins, and carbohydrates. Ensure that you provide your body all the good fats that you can look for. Avocado, nuts and salmon are countless bases of the healthy and desired omega 3 fats. Animal fat and dairy products are also fortified because of their wonderful omega 6 fat content. Go crazy on the nutritious guacamole and delicious chicken dishes covered with cheese. Butter your salmon well. It is also a marvellous idea to increase your water consumption and prepare your body for the next round of results.

During the loading phase, it is imperative to keep up with your on-going exercise routine. However, don’t do anything without consulting your doctor. If you’ve just started exercising, go easy. Choose a low power routine. This should comprise of a daily physical activity schedule of minimum 20 minutes every day. Brisk walking, relaxing yoga, breathing exercises, stretching, swimming, Pilates are some activities that you can do. The end-goal is not just burning the extra fats but producing a healthy routine for upcoming weight care as well as innumerable other benefits for a great health.

It is a carbohydrate-rich and processed-food filled world now. This has a drastically opposite to the world in which Dr. Simeons live. When food was prepared versus consumed right from a package or ordered at a food counter. The Loading Phase of the HCG diet prepares you to break out from such eating habits. Loading helps your body transition from carb burning to fat burning, reduces your HCG diet roadblocks and prepares you to consume a 500 calories diet and inadequate foods since Phase 2 has a very strict food regime. Those who wish to eat foods allowed in Phase 1 that are loaded with fats and have less sugar content and carbohydrates have a convenient time switching on their fat burning process and experience low hunger pangs during the initial days of the Phase 2.

An added finding among HCG dieter is that selecting fatty foods diminishes the diet challenges of food cravings and withdrawals. Our body and brain can function on carbohydrates, fats or proteins, but since carbohydrates are a meek, quick form of energy, the preferred food for the body is carbs.

As a side-effect, some people get mild to severe headaches during the transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 if they did not appropriately load during Phase 1. The reason for this is that proteins and fats take more time to break down into a basic carbohydrate chains. Therefore, the body responds by giving some dieters a beating headache. Depending on how carbohydrate-filled an individual’s diet was before the HCG Diet, and if you tried some diet rinses before the diet, the poorer the headache, or other symptoms of food cravings can be.

Loading Phase of the HCG Diet – Quick Tips and Things to Remember

Here are some useful and interesting tips you can leverage to help your body easily changeover from the HCG diet loading phase to the beginning of Phase 2 which is the Weight Loss Phase of the HCG Diet plan:

• Drink lots of water. A well hydrated body can level harmful toxins, food additives and preservative from your system.
• Begin with a high potency HCG dosage so that your HCG doesn’t need to be restocked just after starting Phase 2.
• Pick good quantities of your favourite foods, including easy foods and food items that you may crave during the Weight Loss Phase.
• Select calorie rich, fat loaded foods with as much omega content as you can.
• Stock your refrigerator with all the important foods that you may require during Phase 2.
• Relax and keep calm. This is not a time to stress yourself. It’s time to ease your mind and body and prepare yourself for a healthy life ahead.