Interesting Facts About Fat

HCG Fat Loss – Interesting Facts About Fat

During the colder winter months, it’s safe to say that many of us throw caution to the wind when it comes to our diets. There aren’t many people that stress about not having abs during the winter, but in reality, if you want to be in shape for the summer you need to act fast.

A summer body is built during the winter, which is why HCG diet sales have increased so dramatically over the last several winters. Summer or winter, it’s never too late to start dieting and if you want to lose weight, an HCG diet program could be precisely what you need. But what do we really know about fat? Is fat to be feared, or is it our friend? Well, all will become clear if you take the time to read the following interesting facts about fat.

Body fat is essential

If you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight, a low-calorie HCG diet program could be exactly what you need. The thing to remember however, is that a little body fat is essential if you want to enjoy optimal health and well-being. The average-sized person carries hundreds of thousands of calories worth of fat on their frames, even those that are classed as being at their optimal weight. Body fat provides energy, it insulates us, it sustains our metabolisms, and it helps regulate our hormones. The thing to remember however, is that too much body fat can be dangerous.

Too much mental concentration can promote weight gain

If you are battling your waistline and you are guilty of overthinking things, or simply of concentrating a great deal, this could promote weight gain. You see, studies have found that those that use their brains more than others, and who have to focus, think, and concentrate for longer periods of time, are more likely to experience elevated levels of hunger than those that don’t rely on the brain as much. Hunger per se, doesn’t cause weight gain, but if you act on this hunger you are more likely to gain weight if you over eat.

We typically gain fat each day

Unless you are actively making a conscious effort to lose weight and are perhaps receiving HCG injections in order to lose weight, each day you will find yourself gaining weight in the form of body fat. Now, before you throw in the towel and ask yourself what the point in trying to lose weight actually is, just remember that we gain very small amounts. On average, we gain just 1g of fat each day. There are 453.5 grams in a pound, so you can see that on average, it would take a long time to gain a pound if you watch what you eat and are physically active. If you sit on your backside and eat junk however, gaining a pound is sadly one of the easiest processes in the entire world.