Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and exercise

For people on the 500 calorie diet who want to Burn Fat without Losing Muscle

Probably the worst thing that anyone can do is to diet and lose muscle instead of fat. Regaining even a few ounces of lean muscle mass can take weeks, even months. When on the Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet, you need to do your utmost NOT to lose muscle.

Unfortunately, most weight loss diets result in significant loss of any tissue except fat. These diets hammer on losing “weight” without taking metabolic and nutritional requirements into consideration: nutrition to feed the muscles, and metabolism to burn off the fat.

It is also unwise to venture into a stringent exercise plan while on 500 calories per day. Here are some tips to retain muscle while burning fat.

Eat enough protein

Remember that the HCG diet includes two 100 gram servings of protein every day. Protein feeds the muscle while you burn the fat. This should be sufficient to help you keep your muscle mass. You may also, while exercising, use some of the HCG meal replacement packs available at health stores to increase your protein intake.

Stay active when dieting

Try to always move around, and never be completely stationery when you are on the HCG diet. The diet does allows you to lose weight without exercising, but it is recommended that you engage in activity such as walking or swimming. After all, the recommendation is that you maintain at least a moderate level of activity with walking or light swimming. This will keep your muscles active, preventing them from deteriorating while on the diet.

Never overexert yourself or train with weights

Overexerting yourself when on the 500 calorie HCG diet will inevitably result in loss of muscle. Breaking down muscle on a low calorie diet will leave you without the stamina to recover lost body mass fast enough. Stringent exercise requires extra carbs, and the HCG diet does not allow that.
When on the HCG diet, it makes sense to maintain a moderate exercise routine.

The Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet is ideal for weight loss because it only lasts for a few weeks (3 – 6 weeks). Do not sabotage the effects of this diet by staying on it for longer than suggested by the protocol. Longer than six weeks on this diet may result in significant body mass, and that is not your ultimate goal.

The Human Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet helps you get back into your usual exercise plan after the diet is completed. You can always build up the lost muscle, but it is better not to lose the muscle at all. Prevention is always better than cure.


When on the 500 calorie HCG diet, it is possible to do exercise in order to increase body mass for body-building purposes. However, keep in mind that this diet limits your calorie intake 500 calories per day. Do not overexert yourself; also note that you shouldn’t try body-building while on this diet if you are not a frequent exerciser.

If you do want to exercise for body-building purposes, you should GRADUALLY increase your level of exercise and the intensity of your workouts to help increase fat burning as well as body mass.
Remember to speak to your HCG physician regarding exercising habits and how they may be affected by the diet.

Make sure that you do only moderate aerobic exercise during the first week of your diet. These exercises should include nothing more than walking and swimming. For muscle-building, limit your exercise activities to exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups or resistance-bands.

At the beginning of your second week, you can begin to increase the intensity of your workout by going on short jogging courses, running exercises or cycling though hills with slight ups and downs.
GRADUALLY add some weight training machines for increasing body mass. You may now start intensifying your daily workouts in order to begin accelerating fat burning and weight loss. This method is ideal while on the 500 calorie HCG diet.

Should you begin to gain weight after exercising, then definitely return to moderate exercising activity in order to prevent your becoming physically ill.


Does body-building working while on the 500 calorie HCG diet? Only you can decide that for yourself. Take all option into consideration, and never neglect seeing your medical practitioner while exercising on this diet.