How the HCG Diet Works

As you know, losing weight is top of many people’s agendas for the New Year, and for Summer, and for social events, and, well, pretty much all of the time. Despite so many of us looking to lose weight and transform our physiques, unfortunately, burning fat isn’t as easy as the personal trainers make it look on Instagram. We know we need to consume fewer calories, clean up our diets, and step up our training, but is that all? Well, actually, no it isn’t. Recently there has been a lot of interest shown in the HCG diet. HCG injections, drops, and other HCG-related products have shown great promise when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape, which is what we’re going to be looking at today. Below you’ll find a brief overview of exactly how the HCG diet works.

What exactly is HCG?

Before we start looking at how the HCG diet works, we first need to take a look at what HCG is in a bid to determine how it works and how it is able to help you to lose weight. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and it is a hormone which is naturally present within the body. It is found in particularly high concentrations in pregnant women. The hormone is protein-based and plays a key role in the production of other hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. During the first three months of a woman’s pregnancy, HCG levels are at their highest. After this time, they start to gradually decrease.


How it assists with weight loss

So far, you’re probably wondering how a hormone found in pregnant women can help women, and men as well, lose weight. Well, you’re about to find out. You see, one of HCG’s main roles in pregnant women, is to help ensure that mother and baby both have enough energy from food, even if the mother has perhaps not been able to consume as many calories as she may have hoped. HCG works by allowing the metabolism to speed up and to make better use of what little calories it has available. Ordinarily, if we are in a caloric deficit, when we consume fewer calories than our bodies need for maintenance, if the deficit is very great, this can suppress the metabolism which makes us tired, lethargic, and basically results in us lacking energy and motivation. It also means that we find it much harder to burn calories and convert them to energy. With HCG injections however, the HCG basically means that the metabolism runs quickly, even in a caloric deficit, so it helps to speed up weight loss and keep energy levels and hormone levels stable.


Won’t you lose weight on a calorie-restricted diet anyways?

We’re not here to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes, or to make wild claims. The HCG diet is based upon a calorie-restrictive diet protocol in which you consume calories below maintenance. This will result in weight loss without the HCG. HCG however, means that you lose more weight at a much faster pace, and it allows you to keep your energy levels up in the process, which can help with exercise and physical activity. The HCG basically acts as a catalyst for weight loss, and as you know, rapid results are very appealing.