HCG Diet – Useful Food Tips

The HCG diet is not just low carb, low fat, low-calorie diet, but a healthy detox and cleansing session for the body. It is a process while involves making the body friendly to high-protein and vegetable-rich diet.

If you want to get rid of your unhealthy binging habits and lead a life filled with the goodness of healthy foods, here are some valuable tips for you.

8 Valuable Food Tips – HCG Diet

If you follow the tips mentioned below, no one can stop you from losing weight and eating healthy in the future:

1. Depend on whole foods

Processed foods are your enemy. Avoid ready-to-eat frozen food, jams, sauces, cakes and pastries. Eat whole foods of all kinds like meats, whole wheat and fresh vegetables.

2. Control your portion sizes

The portion sizes allowed in the Weight Loss Phase of the HCG Diet that is Phase 2 are sufficient and satisfying for a healthy adult. If you adhere to the portion sizes, your body will soon get used to the portions, reach satiety and help you overcome your overeating habits.

3. Enjoy cooking fresh, healthy foods

Even if you are tired or sick of cooking even on weekends, don’t give into the urge of ordering unhealthy food. Remember, you are on the HCG diet and trying to lose weight while consuming healthy food. No matter what, get up and cook something healthy and delicious for yourself. There is a plethora of HCG Diet recipes available to make your life easy.

4. Learn to identify your hunger pangs

Read your body and try to understand when a hunger pang is going to strike you. This will help you satisfy your food craving easily. The earlier you get to know your body needs food, the easier it will be for you to fill your tummy!

5. Eat frequently and don’t pass on any meal

For balanced weight loss and maintenance of the lost weight, it is vital to eat consistently. The HCG diet is meant to tune your body clock and aid your metabolic system. Skipping meals can result in severe hunger pangs which will ultimately translate into overeating and weight gain.

6. Be wary of food allergies and sensitivities

Through the HCG diet, you not only lose weight but also get to understand your body. This include various food allergies and food sensitivities that may be troubling your body. Avoid any food items that you are allergic or sensitive to as they can lead to severe health hazards and reactions.

7. Keep yourself hydrated

It is equally important to understand how well hydrated your body is and when your body requires electrolytes. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Don’t worry! Water will not add any unnecessary weight during the HCG Diet.

8. Learn to pair the right ingredients

Make use of different sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, low-carb food items and all that’s allowed in the HCG diet and blend different ingredients to prepare delicious and healthy recipes like salads and smoothies.

Keeping the above tips in mind, you can truly build a great experience while following the HCG diet. After all, you are responsible for you health and body.