HCG Diet Plan – The Complete Guide

HCG Diet Plan – What is it and how can you lose weight using it?

The HCG diet is a diet which consists of whole foods, habit-breaker foods, high-protein, lots of vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, and foods that increase hydration. It’s a diet that is meant to break your unhealthy eating habits and change your lifestyle.
In medical terminology, the HCG Diet is a weight loss regime that in which a minute quantity of HCG hormone is paired with a cautiously designed decreased calorie diet. The initial HCG Diet guidelines charted a very precise 500 calorie meal plan, whereas today’s more contemporary methods often comprise of a maximum of 1500 calories. The HCG is taken in the form of injections, tablets or medicinal drops.
The complete diet plan consists of “rounds”, where every round requires four phases to complete the cycle. We will discuss the 4 different phases in the next section.

The 4 Important Phases of the HCG Diet

Here are the 4 phases of each HCG diet plan round:

Phase #1 – The Loading Phase

This phase includes two to three days of free eating, with a consideration that getting a few pounds during this period is acceptable.

Phase #2 – The Weight Loss Phase

This phase begins with the administration of HCG in a minuscule amount, while continuing a cautiously planned diet. This phase is three to six weeks long.

Phase #3 – The Stabilization Phase

This phase includes halting the administration of HCG, and prudently growing the calorie consumption from the preceding phase to even out the fresh weight loss.

Phase #4 – The Maintenance Phase

Once the weight loss stabilizes, you can proceed with your normal living and a recently improved lifestyle that promotes health and wellness.

The Original Protocol of the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet Plan was originally issued in the year 1954, by much known Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. His script, “Pounds and Inches” was first published in the year 1954 with numerous modifications in the last few years. The original protocol talks about a trivial dosage of HCG which is administered using injections, and a firm 500 calories food menu with very no scope of variety. With time, the initial protocol has progressed based on up-to-date research, modern day technology and the accessibility of healthier food items and choice of supplements.

HCG Diet- the Modern-Day Protocol

The modern protocol based on the 4 phase HCG diet plan as discussed above.
Let’s now talk about each phase in a little more detail:

1. The Loading Phase

This phase is the first and most important out of the lot. It involves eating whatever you want to. This is termed as “free eating”. Moreover, there are certain food items that are preferred over the other. This phase is marked by an increase in weight during a period of 2-3 days. Click here to know more about the Loading Phase 1 of the HCG Diet.

2. The Weight Loss Phase

This is indeed the most difficult out of all the phases. In this phase, a judiciously planned, the person who is dieting needs to follow a strict less-calorie meal plan. It comes with a firm list of foods that are permitted and several food items that are a big “NO”. Depending on the type of HCG Diet plan, the fixed calorie consumption can vary from 500 calories through 1500 calories. The second phase lasts for three to six weeks. Click here to know more about The Weight-Loss Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.

3. The Stabilization Phase

The Stabilization phase continues for around three weeks and involves the wise selection and introduction of certain new foods to the diet plan. The primary idea that accompanies this phase is the maintenance of the recent decrease in weight within two pounds. If the weighing scale a rise of over than two pounds, remedial steps can be taken as a part of the diet to manage the excess increase. This phase of the diet is suggestively low in carbs with important vegetables and no signs of sugar. Click here to know more about The Stabilization Phase 3 of the HCG Diet.

4. The Maintenance Phase

The last and final phase of the HCG diet, the maintenance phase comes in handy once the diet plan is completed. It is a lovely phase when you step into your fresh life and a new and healthy body. This phase entails constant efforts to live healthy through food, eating habits, exercise and other day-to-day physical activities. Click here to know more about The Maintenance Phase 4 of the HCG Diet.

A Comparison of the Original and Modern Diet Plan

There are noteworthy variances between the original form of the HCG Diet Plan and the current version. These include, but are not limited to, altered food options and amplified calorie grant. In addition, simple exercises are also recommended in case of the modern diet plan. The use of supplements is also recommended and there is now an option for Rx Drops and Rx Tablets apart from the HCG injections.
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The Long-Term Benefits of Weight Loss from the HCG Diet

The attractive thing about the diet is the wonderful results that millions of people have experienced. Check out this list of some other important benefits of the HCG diet:

• It has been well-known to eliminate bad food obsessions. This denotes unhealthy food longings, cravings for sugar, mild to severe headaches, etc.
• It has been testified to stabilize hormone cycles. It also increases energy, induces healthy sleeping habits, and balances a woman’s menstrual cycle.
• It can help bring back your healthy association with food and encourage you to be more active and physically fit.
If you want a healthy body, a healthy mind and an active lifestyle, then don’t think twice. Switch to the HCG diet plan now.