HCG Diet Phase 2: The Weight Loss Phase

Phase 2 of the HCG Diet plan is considered as the most thrilling and the most difficult part of the diet regime. It is the magnificent weight loss period, where quick fat loss progressively takes place.
In the later part of this article, we will discuss various aspects of the HCG Diet plan and the questions most of the people have before starting the diet.

The Ideology Behind the Weight Loss Phase 2

The Weight Loss Phase continues for around three to six weeks. In this period, the person who is dieting is administered with an HCG dosage everyday using drops, injections or tablets and follows a very strict diet plan that is also called VLCD (very low-calorie diet.) The VLCD comprises of fixed servings and preparation guidelines. When followed correctly, loss of excess fat is naturally seen daily when you measure your weight using the scale.

HCG Diet Plan Phase 2 – How Is It Done?

The Regular HCG Tablets, Injections or Drops

Depending on the dieter’s choice, a regular injections, tablets or drops are administered.

The HCG injection doses can vary from 125ius to 200ius and you can attune them based on your individual need. Most people respond well on the earlier mentioned doses; nevertheless, some persons require adjusting the dosage to get over their hunger pangs and increase weight loss rates. For dosage alterations, we provide free of cost expert support in the dedicated HCG communities, and you can always seek help from the experts. Each company itemized on Jen’s detailed menu of approved HCG Sources on the HCG Buy Guide, will help you in modifying the HCG dosages.

The 500 Calorie VLCD

The Phase 2 of the HCG Diet plan naturally comprises of the 500 calories diet, (VLCD or Very Low-Calorie Diet) charted in Dr. Simeons Original Protocol Guide. But, there are people who may wish to consume higher than the permitted 500 calories per day. While the original guideline has an enormously high victory rate, there are several individuals who have followed diet protocols suggested by their HCG expert and seen noteworthy weight loss. There are also dieters who may not require the loss of enormous amounts of weight and can securely surge their protein and vegetable portions. Mainly for dieters who are awfully hyper-active, a jump in the number of calories may be the perfect option.

The most frequently followed method is the 500 calories original method and though it may seem intimidating, the fact is, we have come across masses of individuals leverage this with prodigious success. We have also met boundless success with persons who have preferred to remain casually active (rebounder workouts or everyday walking) with 700 to 800 calories. This must be debated at in detail with your HCG guide.

Is it necessary to consume all the 500 calories?

It is firmly directed that all the 500 calories must be consumed daily during the Weight Loss Phase. This is vital for numerous reasons. Firstly, it aids the maintenance your metabolic rate. It also preserves the body’s functions and natural cycles. This is the best to concentrate on nourishing the body with nutrition, rather than concentrating on restraint. Ideally, the dream should be to accomplish a state of healthy and balanced eating, focused solely on nourishment of your body for efficacy and good health. Steady eating is the answer to this.

The Complete Approved Food List for Phase 2

It is recommended to have one protein portion twice a day i.e. 100 grams for every 3.5 ounces for each portion. All kinds of meats should be evaluated raw and much before the groundwork of any kind (marinade, seasoning, baking, etc.) all noticeable fat must be eliminated from the meat as well. If you are measuring the weight of meat that has already been prepared, the portion should way approximately 80 grams.

Here’s a list of allowed protein rich food items for those who love non-vegetarian dishes:
• Beef – fat-free and lean
• Veal
• Chicken breast
• Lobster
• White fish (These include: Cod, Catfish, Red Snapper, Halibut, Sea Bass, Sole, Tilapia, Flounder,and Trout)
• Crab (except the Imitation Crab that has sugar content and is not allowed in the Phase 2 HCG Diet food plan)
• Shrimp

A substitute protein replacement for vegetarians can be 1 egg and 3 egg whites or 100 grams of no fat cottage cheese.
Here is the list of vegetables that can be eaten to gratification:
• Asparagus
• Cabbage
• Beet Greens
• Chicory
• Celery
• Chard
• Lettuce
• Radishes
• Tomatoes
• Cucumber
• Fennel
• Onions
• Spinach

Fruits that are allowed as a part of Phase 2 are:
• One Orange
• One Apple
• A handful of strawberries
• Half Grapefruit

Carbohydrates that can be consumed are:
• One Melba Toast
• One Grissini Stick (lacking oil)

Other food items that are allowed in the Phase 2 are:
• 1 lemon/day
• 1 tbsp. milk/day

It is recommended to use sweeteners cautiously, although they should be avoided as much as possible.

Herbs and spices that comprise of starches, sugars, fillers and sweeteners must be avoided.

Is mixing of vegetables restricted in the Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

As a part of the original protocol of the HCG Diet Plan, Dr. Simeons limited the combining of different vegetables. Though the motive was not clarified in the guide, it is thought that this was to stay away from unknowingly intaking a lot of calories. Several people on the HCG Diet Plan and many current protocols allow the combining of different vegetables as a part of Phase 2.

Phase 2 – The Apple Days

The apple day is an approach to decrease the water intake. It comprises consuming at most 6 apples (either red or green) and dropping your water intake. Any other thing is not allowed on the Apple Days. The idea behind an Apple day is to address the retention of water in the body.

Weighing Yourself Daily – An Integral Part of the Weight Loss Phase

You must weigh yourself daily, at the exact same time each morning. The same must be done prior to eating or drinking anything to maintain accuracy and avoid any weight fluctuations. It is also recommended to use a body fat measuring scale, so that the loss of fat and several other factors can be measured along with the total weight. This can be useful for many reasons: to see complete weight loss and monitor the loss of the body fat. Chiefly vital is that the muscle mass can also be checked on the scale to avoid any kind of loss of the muscle. If this happens, diet modifications will have to be made or the HCG Diet may itself require stopping.

Common Guidelines for Phase 2 of the HCG Diet

No fatty foods please!

This rule of thumb is simply because fat is a calorie loaded and will rob you of your everyday calorie grant much earlier than you can even imagine. A few HCG Diet protocol differences permit very minor quantities of fat, but is it worth utilizing 100 calories of daily permitted calories for just a piece of cake? Perhaps not, however this is an individual choice.

Acceptable protein intake – it is tremendously vital to dodge muscle degeneration and to deliver the least quantity of protein essential for the human body to function competently. As per the research of advanced calorie HCG Diet Protocols, individuals should consume at least a gram of protein for every kg of body weight.

Substitute Proteins for Vegetarians

It is likely for vegetarians to adhere to the diet and fruitfully complete the Weight Loss Phase 2.

But, what types of proteins can they consume when meats are out of the race?

There are numerous protein rich powders and substitute protein options obtainable at your local market or health supplies store, but don’t forget to read the labels at the back carefully and duck protein products with processed sugar and extra fat content.
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Healthy Protein Products on the HCG Diet

The permitted proteins are, but are not limited to 100 grams of:
• Veal
• Chicken breast
• Beef
• Crab
• Shrimp
• Fresh white fish
• Lobster
Dairy products must be avoided. However, skimmed cottage cheese is allowed.

Consuming Vegetables

Vegetables make an imperative part of the complete HCG Diet plan, especially in Phase 2 i.e the Weight Loss Phase. The minerals, vitamins and fibre content they deliver are indispensable to maintain a healthy body and your own well-being. Eating vegetables with proteins can help with mineral and vitamin captivation, as well as aid the digestive system. They are an example of amazing, low calorie food. Again, an imperative tip to remember: this is a wonderful chance to start beginning to learn how to become fond of vegetables and make the most of them to keep your body healthy. You can experiment with a plethora of vegetarian recipes and make scrumptious dishes by just using them. Visit a variety of supermarkets, grocery marts, health food and drinks stores, and farmer’s markets for fresh veggies or order online for doorstep delivery. Check the HCG Diet Foods section above for the list of recommended vegetables.

Allowed Carbohydrates – Phase 2 of the HCG Diet

Depending on an individual’s requirements and private choice, restricted carbohydrates are allowed. They include a piece of breadstick per meal and a piece of melba toast.

As a substitute, they can be consumed as snacks. It is suggested to consume these with green vegetables. As a loss of weight care routine, add “greens to every plate” and avoid carbohydrate-based snacks and meals.

Beverages That You Can Relish

While on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet, there are a number of allowed drinks and beverages that you can enjoy.
Some of the drinks that you can take other than water are coffee, black tea and diet soda (only once per day). Nevertheless, it is firmly suggested that only water should be consumed. Keep yourself hydrated all the time as the same is essential to keep your metabolic rate at bay and your weight loss rates continuing at an effective rate. In no conditions should you consume alcohol, processed juices or any kind of flavoured sugar stuffed soda.

For your suitability, a brief and easy to follow summary of the protocol is available: Original HCG Diet Plan.

Taking Injections during Menstruation on Phase 2

As per the original protocol, all HCG injections, drops or tablets must be paused at the time of your menstruation cycle. While the particulars of this are not broadly discussed, most of the women dieters, stop consuming HCG doses during days with the heaviest flow. The Very Low-Calorie Diet is sustained during the periods normally. Some women dieters continue taking the HCG doses even at the time of their periods, however, it is important to understand that this might alter the flow, length, and quantum of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. Nothing grave has been informed so far, nonetheless it is vital to be conscious.

How long does Phase 2 last for?

The Weight Loss Phase continues for around three to six weeks. This can differ based on your individual selection and the kind of HCG you are consuming. It can also differ based on how much of your weight you wish to lose and how quickly you would like to shed it.

What Are Phase 2 Planned Interruptions?

You can schedule Planned Interruptions if twenty-three HCG injection doses have been finished. This is vital to avoid gaining weight again at the time of interruption while you are on the Weight Loss Phase of the diet plan. To do a deliberate interruption in case of Phase 2, all you have to do is discontinue the HCG doses as though you are concluding Phase 2 trying the 3-day changeover approach. It is the changeover to eat normally, as you would be doing in the Stabilization Phase to a point of alleviated satisfaction.

This will elevate the calorie intake to around 800 to 1500 calories for a day. When finishing the strategized interruption, it is not compulsory to begin the process all over again from the Phase 1. In its place, start the HCG doses again and recommence the Very Low-Calorie Diet to conclude the round as normal.

Weight Loss Rates (and P2 Stalls and Plateaus)

Numerous dieters describe a dip of 0.5 to 1 pound every day and the same is striking!

But then, what if you feel like stalling?

Here are some useful things to remember to avoid a plateau.

The main reason plateaus and stalls on Phase 2, is loss of body water or dehydration. Without adequate water consumption, the body just cannot function competently, let alone maintaining a stable loss of weight.

Another main reason for plateaus and stalls is numerous dietary mistakes. At times these are modest blunders such as “a single bite of a food that is not allowed won’t make a difference” (But, it does!) However, mostly, it is accidental VLCD strays.

Some examples are not measuring the weight of the food properly and naïvely picking additive loaded food items that are not allowed in Phase 2.

On a concluding note, remember that the thinner you become, the sluggish the losses may start becoming. Don’t be scared to seek guidance and support and stay unswerving. You will shortly start to see the desired results again and get to your goals.

Final Phase 2 Very Low-Calorie Diet Tips

It is okay to plan or divide the Weight Loss Phase meals as you want. Have 5-6 small meals all around the day, instead of 3 stuffing meals.

Sweeteners allowed in the HCG Diet

While maximum Dieters use Stevia drops or Splenda, these must be used nominally as they might affect weight loss and cause other concerns related to your health.

Do not combine portion allowances. For instance, if two fruits are allowed daily, they should not be consumed at the same time.