Common HCG Myths and Misconceptions

The weight loss industry is currently one of the most lucrative industries on the face of the earth, and when you see the lengths that some people will go to in a bid to lose weight and feel better about themselves, it’s easy to see why. One of the more effective ways of shedding the pounds is to utilize HCG. HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a pro-hormone found naturally in men and women, though it is much higher in women.

In pregnant women, HCG levels increase drastically as it is used to provide sustenance for mother and foetus. Research however, has pointed to the fact that HCG does appear to provide a number of benefits for people looking to lose weight, as it helps speed up the process. If you are thinking of trying HCG injections or drops however, it’s important that you separate the facts from the myths. Here are several common HCG myths and misconceptions that you will likely encounter.


HCG diets are pointless

Firstly, when it comes to HCG diets, it’s important to understand that for a good portion of the diet, you will be required to consume just 500 – 700 calories per day. This is enough to create a deficit in virtually any individual, so surely you’d lose weight anyways? Well, you would, but not as much as if you were undergoing HCG treatment. You see, the HCG acts as a catalyst for the weight loss, and basically allows you to burn more calories and lose weight quicker, while ramping up the metabolism and increasing energy levels. The bottom line is that with HCG diets you will lose weight quicker and will have more energy than if you simply went on a super-low calorie diet.


Low calorie HCG diets are dangerous

This is another myth that is simply not true with the amount of calories you consume. Yes, the calorie intakes are low, and yes, you will feel hungry and will create a pretty drastic deficit. However, research has proven time and time again that consuming between 500 and 700 calories per day while following an HCG diet protocol, will not put you in any danger. You’ll feel hungry, but your health will not be at risk, and you will still have plenty of energy thanks to the HCG.


HCG diets are against exercise

Another common HCG diet myth is that they’re anti-exercise and that they actually encourage people not to exercise or work out. This is simply not true. HCG diets actually work better with marginal exercise, though as you are on low calories, you need to be careful and keep it light and at a low to moderate intensity.


You will lose muscle

Again, this is simply not true. The idea behind the diet is that you tap into your body fat reserves for energy, rather than your muscle mass. This means that the weight you lose will almost exclusively come from your body fat reserves, as opposed to your muscle tissue.