4 Tips to Make the HCG Diet Enjoyable

Let’s cut right to the chase here and talk about the fact that, generally speaking, dieting is not fun. There aren’t many fun and enjoyable situations that revolve around eating baked cod and steamed vegetables. Dieting however, is sometimes a necessary evil, especially if you’re overweight and are concerned about your health.

The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet is one of the most effective currently in existence. As great as it is it, it can make life difficult at times, and it’s not always that enjoyable. Much of the diet revolves around a very low caloric intake, so the more enjoyable you can make things, the better. Here are some tips for making the HCG diet more enjoyable.

Try different foods

First off, there are some foods that are not permitted on the HCG diet, and there are some that should only be consumed sparingly. If you’re looking to stick with the HCG diet, you need to familiarise yourself with what you can and cannot eat. Once you know what you can eat however, be sure to try different foods. If you eat the same foods every day you’ll soon grow bored and when boredom sets in, that could be the start of the end. Trying different foods means that you have different things to look forward to, and it helps keep things fresh and exciting.

Take part in exercise you enjoy

Dieting is only one component of a healthy weight loss regime. If you want to maximise the effects of the HCG diet and improve your health and well-being in the process, you need to make sure that you’re working out. Don’t just force yourself to go to the gym and do exercise you don’t enjoy however. Instead, find things that you do enjoy. If you enjoy the exercise you’re doing, it won’t actually feel like a chore at all, which means that you’ll be more productive, and you’ll get more done.

Exercise with a friend

If you are looking to exercise while on the HCG diet, another great way of making things fun is to try exercising with a friend. When you train with a friend you have somebody to speak to and somebody to make things interesting. You can motivate each other, help each other, and even compete against each other.

Engage with other HCG dieters

Whether you engage in person, or online, another great way of making this diet plan more enjoyable and potentially effective too, is to engage with other people following the same diet. If you interact with other HCG dieters you can compare notes, ask for advice, encourage each other, and share handy hints and tips. If your weight loss has stalled for example, you could ask other dieters for advice on what you can do to get the fat falling off of your frame once more.