4 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Dieting

4 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Dieting

Anybody out there that’s attempted to lose weight before will tell you that the process is incredibly difficult. It takes an age to get your head in the game, it takes even longer to lose the weight, and sadly it takes a fraction of the time to gain it back if you slip up. So, what can be done when it comes to dieting? Well, to start with, it will help to determine when and where you’re going wrong in the first place. That’s where we come into the equation. Defence is the best form of attack, which is why for today’s article we’re going to list 4 common things most people do wrong when they attempt to diet and lose weight.

Not listening to science

There are heaps of fad diets out there, and with z-list celebs pushing these ridiculous fads on social media every single day, it’s easy to understand why people are wary of trying something new. Rather than listening to a nobody from reality TV however, you should instead listen to science. HCG diets have grown hugely in popularity over the years, because experts have found that the HCG diet protocol actually works. People haven’t listened to “celebrities” with no qualifications or experience, they have instead listened to scientists and medical experts. If you’re looking for a tried and tested method of losing weight, following an HCG diet, or other similar diets that have evidence and research to back up their claims, could be precisely what you need.

Starting your diet on a Monday

Okay, so it’s Wednesday, you want to begin your diet but at the same time you’re wary because most people start their diets on a Monday. You decide to do the same. Because you know you’re starting on Monday, you use the next 5 days as an excuse to binge eat and stuff your face. It’s this ‘last meal’ mentality that causes people to gain even more weight. In reality, whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, or even a Friday, the best time to start your diet is right NOW!

Relying on the scales

Bathroom weighing scales are useful for people trying to lose weight but they can be detrimental. If you weigh yourself regularly you run the risk of becoming obsessed. What’s more, bathroom weighing scales don’t know the difference between fat, muscle, and water. You could burn 10 pounds of fat but gain 12 pounds of muscle, yet when you step on the scales all you will know is that you have gained 2 pounds and you will then become demoralised. Weigh yourself a max of once per week, or even longer still if possible, just to get a rough idea of the kind of progress that you’re making.

Quitting when it gets tough

Dieting isn’t easy. The HCG diet is very low in calories and if you try following it, you will struggle at times, there’s no denying that. However, if you don’t lose as much weight as you wanted, or if you feel hungry and emotional, the last thing you should do is quit. If you do cheat once on your diet, don’t just call it a day. Instead, enjoy your meal, dust yourself off, go to bed, and get right back on plan the following day.