4 More HCG Tips for Max Weight Loss

If you’ve been paying attention to our posts, you’ll remember that recently we looked at a few tried and tested methods of getting more from your HCG diet. In truth however, we hadn’t even scratched the surface as there is so much more to content with when it comes to HCG. Today, to ensure that you get your HCG diet journey off to the best possible start, we are going to look at 4 more handy tips to help you get more from your diet. If your weight loss on the HCG diet has stalled, or if you’re simply looking to burn off yet more fat, be sure to follow these handy tips, as well as those that we looked at previously. If you do, you’ll be leaner and fitter in no time at all.

Eat healthy versions of foods you enjoy

The HCG diet is tough, and if we said it wasn’t we’d be lying. The diet is a very low-calorie diet, and you will be hungry and tired at times, even though the HCG will counter that. The last thing you want when feeling tired, hungry, and sluggish, is to eat bland and boring food that you do not find even the slightest bit appealing. To make your journey easier, prepare healthy versions of the foods that you enjoy. If you enjoy pizza, why not make mini wholemeal pita pizzas with fresh tomatoes, a little goat’s cheese, and a few veggies? The meal will be delicious, nutritious, and still low in cals. Remember, there are always healthy substitutions for you to enjoy, so get creative.

Try to satisfy your cravings

There’s nothing worse than sitting there late at night, hungry, craving something sweet and sugary when you’ve been doing so well with your diet. Rather than giving in to temptation and breaking your diet however, why not look for an alternative way of satisfying your cravings? If you crave something sweet, how about sugar-free jelly, or a healthy stevia-sweetened yoghurt snack? You could even try doing something to distract yourself, so why not read a book or find a way of keeping busy. A lot of us associate eating with boredom, or inactivity, so try to break this cycle and keep your mind and body busy.

Try to find motivation and inspiration

At the start of your HCG journey, your motivation levels will be through the roof, especially as you begin seeing such impressive improvements. However, after a while, you might find yourself stuck in a rut, and motivation may start to disappear. To get it back, watch motivational videos, read stories about people in similar situations to yourself, listen to music, and remind yourself why you are following a HCG diet in the first place.

Enjoy yourself

Finally, the last thing you need to do when following an HCG diet plan is to try to relax and enjoy the journey. No diet should leave you feeling tired, miserable, and depressed, and if you experience these emotions, try to find new ways of lifting your spirits. Address the cause of your issues and then act accordingly to help lift your spirits and get you back on track.