HCG Injections

Welcome to our site- a review site that’s all about helping you choose the perfect injections to meet your needs. Here, you’ll find a full breakdown on what exactly the hCG diet is, how it works, and why injections are the best way of meeting your hCG needs.

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  • Before deciding which HCG supply to go for, here are some major factors to consider:
  •  Is the HCG sourced from a licensed pharmacy company or non-pharmaceutical?
  •  Whether the mixing supplies such as bacteriostatic water and syringes are included.
  •  Do the supplies come with any guides or instructions for first-timers?
  •  Do they offer Tele-med consultation or after sales support

How should I take HCG?

It’s advisable that you pick your injections carefully as they tend to be more effective from absorbing HCG. Be on the lookout for firms selling injections that have little or no HCG.

When deciding on which HCG injections to go for, it is imperative to go a supplier that can offer quality pharmacy-grade HCG. Most suppliers who are sincere will let you know precisely where they get their HCG supplies from, which will give you time to confirm that it’s from a well-registered pharmacy.

Also, some suppliers offer phone consultations, and you can ask them anything you want about your injections. This can go a long way to help beginners on their HCG journey. More so, you get to know about their payment methods and the ones accepted by these suppliers.

Keep in mind that, this is not a diet that allows you to have ‘cheat days’ time to just kick up your socks and eat whatever comes your way. The cheat days can make you slack on your progress with the HCG injections diet since it gives you the opportunity to pile up enough calories. Going further will surely make it difficult for you to lose weight on HCG injections. So, ensure that you stay committed to a calorie-based diet.

HCG injections (which is the HCG itself) comprises of a hormone that’s used as a fertility treatment for women. The injection help in supporting healthy egg develop in the ovaries, which also assist in raising men’s sperm count as well. Nonetheless, what counts most for our purposes is ensuring that these injections are extremely effective in helping people lose weight.

Why is HCG Effective for Weight Loss?

Various scientific research dating back to the 1950s, have reviewed that HCG injections can help the results of a calorie-restricted diet, and in turn makes you lose weight faster than you can imagine. This is so because HCG components mainly target fat cells, which ignores the other cells in your body. In other words, the injections let you lose weight without any negative effect on your muscles. It can even help you to maintain a well-toned physique. But the best way to achieve great results from HCG injections is to reduce your consumption of calorie, which is also referred to as the HCG Diet Protocol.


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How HCG Injection Diet Works

The HCG injections diet is categorized into four different phases. At each point within the entire process, you are made to adhere to a calorie-based diet. It’s advisable that you first have a word with your doctor about this. The primary aim of these shots is to ensure that all the fat and calories which are stored in your body are easily burned off. Also, the injection enables your organs to make use of the energy stored in your body fat effectively, and this helps you lose weight faster without any health risk.

4 Different Phases of HCG Diet Program

1. This first phase is all about preparation, and it’s the main key for the HCG injections diet. Here you worry less about the restrictions of calorie in your diet, so relax and bask in your last taste of freedom. But keep in mind, it’s not a reason to go too wild, rather take control of yourself and dwell on a positive mindset about food.

Remind yourself now and then your reason for wanting to lose weight and why you need to succeed and start getting your meal plans in motion. The more prepared you are, the less huddle you will experience in losing the weight.

2. This phase is the hardest part of the HCG diet process, since its where most of the weight loss will take place. Discuss first with your doctor on a more

preferred level of calorie restriction, then follow it up by restricting yourself to between 400 and 700 calories daily. You can also supplement by eating veggies, white meat, and fruits. Occasionally you can add a bit of beef to your meal; it won’t hurt. Stay away from sugar and other sweet treats. This whole process will last for about twenty to forty days.

3. Here, you may have lost a lot of weight, so you need to put in more efforts to maintain the weight you have attained. As you progress, you can indulge in small calories intake like 1500 daily, which is advisable. At this point, you can consume foods like milk and cheese and other food with small amount of sugar. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that you keep far from food with high-calories, especially the starchy food. It’s also wise to engage in one sports activity to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

4. This phase is treated as healthiest “phase” of the HCG injections diet- besides who wouldn’t want to stay healthy. Now you can introduce starch and fatty food bit by bit into your diet. But it’s wise that you stay away from fast and processed food and high amounts of sugar to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

HCG comes with a whole lot of health benefits. It can help boost fertility, and also with weight loss as well. As with most medical treatment, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor first before you begin with any of the HCG injections.

The hormone in HCG is most effective on a calorie-based diet. In another word, the hormone in the injection will focus on all your existing fat

reserves, flush them and turn them into energy. Most people who have tried out another type of diet will be quick to let you know that more work is required to achieve the desired result. Know that most of your cravings will still be there, and you might be tempted to slip up and give into them – which may leave you feeling bad afterward.

Try not to get yourself worked up over a cheat day, things like these are bound to happen, and you should rather focus on getting yourself back on the right path. Here are some pointers on how you can achieve that.

• Set a Goal for Yourself and Stick to Them

For most diets, cheating days are allowed, but that’s if you can control yourself and not get carried away. However, with HCG diets, if you get carried away with your calorie restrictions, you will end up ruining all of your hard work which has been done already. It’s important not to let yourself go off with your HCG diet, but if you caught yourself craving for a particular type of food, that you should do the right thing by going for food with minimum calories. Nowadays, there are low-calorie versions of different types of food available, and before indulging in any ask yourself- is one unhealthy snack worth the trouble?

• Walk More

Give your body all the necessary exercise you can give it. For example, a short walk daily can improve your mind and concentration. Research has shown that people who walk more are healthier and less prone to stress – this is what

most people go through on the HCG injections diet. Whenever you feel down, take a walk around the block, and see if it will help ease your mind.

• Stay Hydrated

It’s a fact that water is a great way to fight back hunger and keep your body hydrated. When you take a lot of water, your stomach will feel full, and in turn, tell your brain to close off those hunger pangs. The next time you feel like you can’t stand another moment of hunger, take a good amount of water, and you will notice the hunger pangs disappear.

• Cut Yourself Some Slacks

If you have given in to your cravings and indulge in food high in calories, then there’s nothing you can do to change anything. Nonetheless, you can learn from your mistakes, and ensure you don’t repeat such mistake in the future. Give yourself some time and then come up with ways to overcome your weakness to move forward.