The Much Talked About Apple Day – HCG Diet

An Apple Day during the HCG diet is a method that is used to fix an abrupt stall, i.e. no weight loss in four days during the Weight Loss Phase of the HCG diet plan.

An apple day starts at lunch time one day and ceases at lunch time of the following day. A total of six apples are eaten during this period with a very limited liquid intake.

Before we talk about the Apple Day, it is imperative to understand that a stall is normal. All individuals who enter the HCG diet, witness the stall or plateau at least once as the body fat levels start dropping.

Apple Day on an HCG Diet – When to start?

An Apple Day should be your first choice when you witness a plateau or stall during your HCG diet regime. This means that you do not notice any weight loss on four consecutive days. While it has no negative effect on your body, it might become a source of unwanted stress.

Therefore, in that case, an Apple Day comes handy. However, it should only be done on the fourth day of the stall.

Things to Watch Out for Before Doing an Apple Day

There are a few things that you must check carefully before you plan your Apple Day. These include:

• Are you drinking adequate water?

If your body does not get sufficient water, the dehydration can easily stall your weight loss.

• Is the quality of your HCG up to the mark?

If your HCG was mixed four or five weeks before consuming, the potency might have decreased. Low potency means low weight loss effect which can result in a sudden stall.

• Did you get adequate sleep?

Not getting quality sleep can hamper your metabolism and digestion, which can negatively impact your body weight.

Once you have answers to all the questions mentioned above, you can decide whether the Apple Day will help you overcome the stall.

The Perfect Way to Do an Apple Day

As already stated above, the Apple Day starts at lunch time and end at lunch time of the following day.

During this period, you will be given six apples and will be asked to consume them as and when you feel like. Remember, no more than six apples are allowed.

You must keep your hands off any other food item or liquid, apart from normal water. Also, ensure that you consume water only when you are extremely thirsty. Limit your water intake to a few sips or half a glass at a time.

The Incredible Effect on an Apple Day

The Apple Day induces stunning weight loss the next day, mainly due to the limited intake of water and the removal of water from the system.

This water is not gained once you restart the usual 500-calories diet. It is now time that you will start witnessing your daily weight loss once again.