The Best Foods for Your Body – Phase 2 and 3 of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet aids weight loss by teaching you numerous healthy food and eating habits. The truth of the matter is – you are what you eat.
When you eat the right food items in the right way, you stay healthy and don’t gain weight.

One of the biggest pros of the HCG diet is how it helps you in getting over the food cravings and hunger pans which devastate your health.

Once you are on the HCG diet, there’s no looking back at processed foods, treats coated with sugar, carbohydrate-rich junk meals, etc.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of healthy, filling foods for the Weight Loss Phase (P2) and the Stabilization Phase (P3) of the HCG Diet.

Let’s have a look at them!

1. Fresh veggies

Vegetables are packed with healthy nutrients and are high-volume. They are completely low in calories and perfect for your HCG diet. Vitamins, minerals, fibre, you name the nutrients and you’ll find it in fresh vegetables. Eating a bowl of freshly cut, bright salad can help you a great deal in filling your tummy with a healthy treat and adding essential nutrients to your body.

2. Fish – the Omega 3 powerhouse

Fish are a wonderful source of Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Omega 3 helps in cutting bad cholesterol and helps in weight loss. On the other hand, protein provides a feeling of fullness and reduces the hunger pangs.

3. Eggs – healthy protein

Eggs can help a great deal in filling up your stomach and keeping hunger attacks away from you while you are on the HCG diet. Have toast and eggs for breakfast and you will not feel hungry for at least 36 hours.

4. Lean meats

Lean chicken is especially amazingly high protein and has been demonstrated to direct to the extended run saturation factor. Investigations have revealed that eating chicken during lunch led to significantly fewer calories absorbed from evening snacks and dinner.

5. Soups

A study shows that soups linger in the belly longer, heading to appetite satisfaction for elongated stretches of time. The water and fluid content also help support hydration which repeatedly, leads to the body feeling satiated and ending in limited hunger and longings during the day. Both creamy soup and thick soups offer these advantages.
Pro Tip: Creamy soups have a higher satiating rate!

6. Cottage Cheese

It has the same reaction on the belly as eggs. Being low in calories and high in protein, it keeps the stomach full and reduced food cravings.

7. Coconut Oil

The latest addition to the new HCG Diet protocol, coconut oil is a novel food that has been recorded to diminish appetite and calorie consumption. Researchers have explained that a tiny quantity of coconut oil consumed at breakfast leads to consuming about 256 calories less during the entire day.

So, now that you have the list of most-filling food items, you can adjust them in your daily diet portions and enjoy a healthy weight loss journey!