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Things to look out for when choosing a hCG supplier:

• Where is the hCG sourced from – is it from a licensed pharmacy?
• Are all mixing supplies included; syringes, bacteriostatic water etc.
• Do they provide after sales support or any kind of tele-med consultation
• Do they offer any included instructions or guides – ideal for beginners.

HCG Injections Info

How should I take hCG?

• We recommend that you choose injections, as they are the most effect form of absorbing hCG.
Beware of companies selling ‘drops’ that do not contain any HCG

When you’re sourcing your HCG injections, it is vital that you only choose a supplier who can offer pharmacy-grade HCG. Trustworthy suppliers will make it clear exactly where they get their HCG from, allowing you to double check that this is a fully licensed pharmacy. Some suppliers go one step further, and also offer phone consultations about your injections. This can be extremely helpful to those who are only just starting their HCG journey, as your consultant will be able to give you important advice about what to do.
You’ll also want to check what payment methods are accepted by the supplier, since some only accept certain methods, whereas others are happy to take all major card types.
At this early stage, we should also make clear that this is not a diet where you can have “cheat days” where you slack off and eat whatever you want. These cheat days can stop you progressing with your HCG injections diet, as they encourage you to eat more calories that you are supposed to. Even going a little overboard will prevent you from losing weight on HCG injections, so you really need to commit to a calorie-controlled diet.
HCG injections consist of a hormone (that is, the HCG itself), which is typically used as a fertility treatment for women. It helps to support healthy egg development in the ovaries, and it can also raise men’s sperm count, too. However, what’s more interesting for our purposes is that it is also extremely effective at helping people to lose weight as well.

What Makes HCG So Effective For Weight Loss?

Going back all the way to the 1950s, numerous scientific studies have shown that HCG injections really boost the results of a calorie-restricted diet, and help you lose weight so much faster than you could without it. That’s because HCG specifically targets fat cells, and leaves the other cells in your body alone. This means that HCG injections allow you to lose weight without having a negative impact on your muscles, and could even help you to maintain a more toned physique. However, the only way to get real results from HCG injections is to also limit your calorie intake, under what’s known as the HCG Diet Protocol.

How HCG Injection Diet Works The HCG injections diet is made up of four different phases. At various points throughout the process, you’ll be following a calorie-controlled diet. We recommend that you discuss this with your doctor first, though, as some people may be less able to cope with this than others.
The main purpose of those HCG injections is to make sure that all the calories and fat that are stored in your body get burned off effectively. HCG allows your organs to properly use the energy stored in your body fat, to help you lose weight quickly without putting your overall health at risk.

The Four Phases of HCG Diet Program

First Phase

Preparation is key for the HCG injections diet, and this first step is also known as the “loading phase” for that reason. At this early stage, you don’t have to worry about calorie restrictions, so feel free to enjoy your final taste of freedom. However, don’t go too wild- you need to ease yourself in to a more positive mindset about food. Focus on why you want to succeed with losing weight, and start putting together meal plans for the phases ahead. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be further down the line.

Second Phase

This part of the process is by far the toughest phase, as it’s where you’ll be losing the most weight. Talk with your doctor about a suitable level of calorie restriction, and then follow their advice, limiting yourself to between 500 and 800 calories a day. You should only be eating fruits, vegetables, and white meat, so no more fatty foods! Beef is okay to eat occasionally, as long as it is lean beef. Sugar is a definite no-no, though, so stay away from sweet treats. This phase of the program will last for between 23 and 40 days.

Third Phase

Now that you’ve lost a lot of weight, you’ll need to work on maintaining the effects. At this point, you’re allowed to up your calorie intake to 1500 per day, which is a healthy amount for most adults. That means you can now consume foods like cheese and milk, which contain more calories, as well as food with low amounts of sugar. However, it’s still important to stay away from high-calorie foods, especially those with a lot of starch. It’s also a smart idea to start exercising more at this point, to really commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Fourth Phase

While this is treated as a “phase” of the HCG injections diet, it really covers the rest of your life- after all, you’ll want to stay healthy, right? You are now allowed to gradually introduce starch and fat back into your diet. However, it’s still recommended that you stay away from high amounts of sugar, as well as processed foods and fast food, to keep your body healthy and happy.
There are a huge range of health benefits to be gained from HCG. Not only does it help boost fertility, but it can also help with weight loss, too. As with any medical treatment, though, it is advised that you speak with your doctor before you start taking HCG injections.
The hormone in HCG injections works best when on a calorie-restricted diet. That way, the HCG injection hormone will be able to focus on your existing fat reserves, eating them up and converting them into energy. However, as anyone who has tried any sort of diet will know, this is easier said than done. Your cravings won’t just go away, and it’s easy to slip up and give into them- leaving you feeling extremely guilty about what you have done.
You shouldn’t beat yourself up over a cheat day, though. These things happen, and you should therefore focus on putting yourself back on the right path, instead of giving up completely. Read on, and we’ll give you a few pointers on how you can do just that!

Set yourself limits- and stick to them!
On other diets, cheat days are okay if you only give into them once a month or so. However, that’s not the case with HCG diets. If you go off the rails with your calorie restrictions, then you will end up undoing all the hard work that has already been done. It’s essential that you don’t allow yourself to slack off with your HCG diet, and that if you do find yourself craving a certain type of food, that you make the right choices. There are low-calorie versions of pretty much every food available nowadays, and you have to ask yourself- is one unhealthy snack really worth it?

Take more walks
As well as giving your body some much-needed exercise, a short walk every day can really help your mind, too. Studies have found that those who walk more are less at risk of stress, and that’s something that a lot of people go through on the HCG injections diet. If you find things getting to you, then take a walk round the block, and see if that helps to clear your mind.

Stay hydrated
You might not know this, but water is actually a great way of fighting back against hunger. If you consume a lot of water, then your stomach will feel full, and tell your brain to switch off those hunger pangs. Next time you feel like you can’t make it to the next mealtime, take a hearty swig of water, and feel those pangs disappear!

Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes
If you have already given in to your cravings and eaten something you shouldn’t, then there’s nothing you can do to change what’s already happened. However, what you can do is learn from your mistakes, and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen in the future. Take some time to reflect, log your mistake on a piece of paper, and figure out a way to move forward.